When do we gather? 

 We are RISING UP in January! That means we are meeting EVERY Sunday during the month of January.

10 AM - Family Life Experience in the Connection

11 AM - Worship Service in the Main Sanctuary

What's my part?

We believe we can transform our world by living out Isaiah 58 together with four key pillars from verse 12. 

  • Rebuilding Ruins - This is the core message of Ekklesia. What the church was intended to be and how it should function. What identified success? Two main things, the manifest presence of Jesus and unusual miracles. 
  • Raising Up Foundations - This is the Ekklesia in the home. Where two or three are gathered in His name. - Matthew 18:20
  • Repairing The Breech - Healing broken people. 
  • Restoring The Streets - Transforming Cities, States, and Nations. 

Am I ready? 

Yes! The Lord has strategically placed you right where you are for a specific purpose. Through this course you will discover exactly what that is. 

Over the next several weeks we will empower you with the resources that will bring transformation in your personal life, your family, and your spheres of influence.