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VISION | On September 29, 2019, we announced our vision of All In Alabama 2020. Recently, we were at a conference and the man of God prophesied that someone would rise up and go to every county in Alabama proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel. We believe that word is for Word Alive International Outreach and we are willing to answer the call. God has given us the mandate and strategy from Holy Spirit to start in January 2020 and visit all 67 counties in the State of Alabama to implement God’s vision. Every effort, mission, strategy, and resource will be spent in Alabama. We will go to every county seat and pray for the county commissioners and mayors in office. We will release the powerful prophecies that we have received over Alabama as our “Fire Teams” travel to two counties a week. At each county seat, we will have Holy Ghost FIRE services and train the counties on marketplace ministry.

PRAY | FAST | GIVE  We are asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to see this vision fulfilled. We have noticed three elements were involved with any revival. When people decided to pray, fast, and give. In Matthew chapter six Jesus said when you pray, when you fast, when you give. It's a simple strategy to #bethedifference in our state. Fast one meal a week. Pray for Alabama during that time. Take the money you would have spent on that meal and give it to Project 58. If it was $5.00 a week, that is $20 dollar each month for 2020!

Text-to-Give lets you give using a simple text message.

To get started, Text any dollar amount, then a space with the keyword allin to 84321, There's no app to download and setup is easy. It's just a faster way to give.

Let’s not be limited in our own minds. I encourage you, that as you seek the Lord in your giving to this vision, He will be faithful in providing you a way to give.



The prophecies given over Word Alive and Alabama are very significant. Look at these prophetic words and ask the Holy Spirit what part you should play in 2020!

Neville Prophecy:



Fire Mantle:


We are looking for strategic contacts to optimize our visits to each county during ALL IN ALABAMA 2020. Do you know the mayor, city council members, commissioners, etc? Please email us their name, email, and contact phone number and we will do the rest. 



Pray that pastors' hearts and churches will be awakened to the move of God and His Presence. Revelation 2:29

Pray that the leadership and the authorities in your county will govern in wisdom, righteousness, and justice. 1 Timothy 2:1

Declare and decree peace, blessings, and prosperity over every home and family. 3 John 2

Declare that righteousness and goodness will rain down over the land. Isaiah 45:8

Pray that the land will be cleansed and redeemed from all hatred and injustice. Psalms 94:15-17

Proclaim the freedom and liberty of the presence of God to move mightily throughout your county. 2 Cor 3:17

Intercede against all principalities and strongholds that are over your county and bring them down in Jesus' name. 2 Cor 10:3-5

Release and ignite the fire, zeal, and passion of God to consume and overcome all believers so that the glory of God will reign in our state! Isaiah 60:1


We are in the process of booking dates now for ALL IN ALABAMA 2020. If you have a location or date for your county and would like to be considered for the schedule please email [email protected]

January 10 | Calhoun 
January 11 | Talladega
January 17 | Etowah
January 31 | Conecuh
February 9 | Sumter 
February 29 | Pike
March 15 | Lauderdale
March 22 | Winston & Fayette


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