Pull in for Your Pit-Stop! This Will be a Week of UPGRADE to Accelerate You into Your Future!

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Chuck's Latest Letter
Pull in for Your Pit-Stop! This Will be a Week of UPGRADE to Accelerate You into Your Future!

Pull in for Your Pit-Stop! This Will be a Week of UPGRADE to Accelerate You into Your Future!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dear Pulled Aside Ones:

We are in a time when the heavens are stirring, and revelation is breaking forth.  Sunday morning was not only a time when the skies thundered and poured forth rain in the natural, but Heaven poured forth strategy after strategy for this week.  During Ascension Worship and Declaration, the Spirit of the LORD revealed that we have been brought to our point of intersection.  This is a week to come in for a “pit stop,” so we can be tuned up for the acceleration ahead.  Be sure to read below a portion of Sunday’s prophetic release that will help direct your course for this time of UPGRADE!

Deliverance: A Sign and Wonder of God!  During our Celebration Service, we continued to ascend in worship and revelation.  This is a time when limits are being removed!  As we approach Passover, we must understand the power of liberation.  Robert Heidler’s teaching on deliverance from our enemy’s tyranny was so impacting.  Recounting testimonies of signs and wonders, he built our faith to embrace the greatest sign and wonder of all … our Blood-Bought Freedom!! If you need to walk in a new measure of faith, be sure to watch the webcast replay and allow the Deliverer to meet you in a powerful way! 

Key Prophecy: Pull in for Your Pit-Stop!

1.  “I’m coming full circle!  I’m coming full circle!  I reign over your past, and I’m bringing portions of that past before you.  Don’t try to go backwards, but go forward into your past and you’ll have victory over your past.  You are at an intersection! You can look to the right or look to the left, but this will be a week that you will stand quietly at the very intersection point to which I have brought you.  Many may say, ‘Lord, I will not move until I hear the way to go.’ Know that I am coming full circle!  Though you think I’m quiet, I will explode upon your scene!” 
2.  “This week you’ll have two days like a pit-stop in your life.  This week I will be causing things in you to recover. Pull aside as a pit-stop and allow Me to find some things in you that are not working right, even some hidden things that are not working right.  Don’t try to go until you’ve had your pit-stop, because if you go before the pit-stop, you will have pieces that wear out too quickly as I accelerate you in the future.  This will be a week of setting you in time and redoing parts of your emotions and your mind.  Let Me re-do those parts in you so you can accelerate in days ahead!” 
3.  “For this will be a week of upgrade!  There are parts in you that have needed upgrade, so I will be upgrading you in many areas. Watch and do not complain over the upgrades that I’m bringing, for this will sustain and accelerate you. The sky will not limit where you go if you will allow these upgrades to come in this week.  I will upgrade you with revelation.  I will upgrade you with insight.  I will upgrade you with wisdom.  I will upgrade you with physical empowerment.  I will upgrade you this week and you will ascend into a new place.  Valves are being upgraded!  Joints are being upgraded!  Portions of your brain are opening up.  I am going to move parts in you that you’re not used to seeing move!  You have dominated a portion of your body, but I created your whole body to move.  Quit relying upon your strength and let other portions begin to operate.” 
4.  “Part of your upgrade is angelic assistance.  Since many of you have been in doubt and unbelief, you’ve not understood the angelic assistance.  This is the week for you to overcome, for you to be delivered, and to understand that ‘push’ at your back.  This is your week to perceive that anointing around you and recognize the angelic help that is on its way!”
5.  “I have set aside this week as a divine, Nineveh moment.  In this bi-directional movement, know that I have gone before and prepared a thing that will surround you for your upgrade.  The upgrades that are coming for this week are for the bi-directional movement that will be required for the Nineveh moment.”
6.  “This is a season of paradoxes.  In this bi-directional movement, I am keeping one of your feet on each side of the paradox.  Even when I said my Son was a servant, a Lion and a Lamb, know that I’m causing you to move in different ways so you can move with the foot on both sides of a paradox.  This is what is necessary to move with Me in this season of movement!"
7.  “I am sending the ‘Hei’ winds to blow through the paradox.  These winds will also blow through you and through the nations.  I am shifting and overturning, and causing My people to emerge in the right position to lead the forward charged in warfare.”
8.  “This is a season of asymmetrical warfare.  I will move My people in an unconventional way that neither you nor the enemy can expect.  This is a time when warfare will take on a whole new expression.  So let Me move every and any part of you that I activate in this season.  This is a time for unconventional warfare!”   (Chuck D. Pierce, Marty Cassady, Tobias Lyons, Lisa Lyons, Anne Tate, Janice Swinney, Brian Kooiman)

Chuck D. Pierce 

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