SERMON OF THE WEEK, March 19, 2017


#4 - HELP

Luke Varvell


H eaven
E nters
L ife's
P roblems


This week is all about getting HELP. If you're not happy, go back to a time when you were happy - what were you reading, what worship songs were you listening to, what daily activities were you participating in? Apply them to your life now and see if that makes a difference. Heaven enters life's problems. 

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The Big Picture- January / February 2017

Let's face it. Church wasn't meant to be a Sunday thing. We are the Church- and we're EVERYDAY kind of people.

This year, we're going to BE the church- and, in every area of life, we're skipping the resolutions and moving straight to results. Together!

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It all comes back to Grace- December 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year- and the most difficult. Christmas is a time when everyone feels extreme joy- and despair. Throughout the month of December, we circle back to a common theme- the reason Jesus came in the first place. Grace. Lots of it.


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Jesus is Already Here- November 2016

In Jesus' day, everyone was looking for the Messiah. We tend to do that, too. We find ourselves wondering where He went, or we anticipate when He might return and get us out of the mess we're all in. Jesus was right there- when everyone was looking for a Messiah and missed him! Turns out, too, He's right here, as well.

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