SERMON OF THE WEEK, May 21, 2017


God's Glory on Our House Part III

Kent Mattox

God's plan for man has always been good. He created us to thrive on earth in relationship with him and his creation. Because of the fall of man, we've been led to believe the lie that God is not good and that he is the reason for death, disease, and destruction. This is all wrong! Our God is GOOD! We look at the teachings of Jesus... He didn't preach to repent to go to Heaven, he didn't preach to repent or go to Hell. He simply said to follow him. Jesus is the way to Heaven. 

Jesus teaches us that being "born again" or "saved" just means being awakened to who he is and what he has accomplished. He destroyed the work of Satan and His power restored the Kingdom to it's rightful place. 



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