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Here are some frequently asked questions

Will there be scholarship available?  Not at this time.  For this inaugural year, we will not be providing any scholarships, but we will look toward this for the next phase.

Are classes offered at night?  Not at the moment. Currently, we are looking at a Sunday to Thursday class schedule from 8:30am-12:30pm.  

Is there student housing available?  Yes, we can put you in contact with the property management company to discuss the on-campus housing we have, as well as other options in the area.  This is an additional cost that is not included in the tuition pricing.

Do you have to pay all the money up front? No, however if you pay all of it up front, you will save $555.  Or, you may pay per semester. Fall tuition is due by August 15th, 2017.

Word Alive Apostolic School of Ministry 

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Your spot will be reserved once you pay your first semester tuition.  After you've filled out this form, you'll be taken to the payment option page. 



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